Friday, November 2, 2007


I'm sorry it's been so long-- here we are in a new month already! I spent the last week and a half of October in Hawaii, and let me tell you... There are few places I would have rather been. I found myself in the paradise my mother loved, and it felt good. Below are some pictures of my respite on the garden isle to give you just a taste of my time there (click on the pictures to see them full-size). So lean back, fix yourself a mai-tai, and enjoy!

Beach baby.

Kombucha by the sea. (Catherine, this one's for you!)


This boat reminds me of a Ralph Lauren ad. Don't ask me why.


Like cool bath water.

Tree tunnel.

Daddy and daughter.

Kauai chocolates. Praise God.

Driving by a palm tree field.

Daddy waits for lunch.

I do the same.

Vegetarians, look away. God bless chili burgers.

For those of you whose respect for me has been hanging by a thread... I'm sorry. (And for the record, yes, that is chili on my face.)


Daddy does dessert.



arigirl said...

Oh Tree tunnel!

Kauai is lovely. You are lovely.
Chili burgers...LOVELY!!!

Libby said...

How beautiful.

That TOTALLY looks like a Ralph Lauren Ad.

One day we must return to that huge street fair that your mom took us to. That was easily the best part of that trip for me.