Monday, February 4, 2008

Just in Case You Wondered

When my tall, gorgeous, cooler-than-the-ice-cream-in-my-spoon Auntie asks me to keep the quiz chain going... I answer.

Favorite Apple:
Honeycrisp (so crunchy it almost hurts). But a Gala will do.

Elvis, Costello or Presley?
Presley I suppose-- if only for the fried peanut butter sandwich association-- but to be honest neither Elvis really tickles me.

Last time you sent a letter (actually had to have stamp sent through the mail):
My dear, sweet, wonderful redheaded Alabaman mommy has her birthday this month.

Combine 3 men to make the perfect man:
Just THREE?! Okay... Okay...

1- Daniel Craig in James Bond 
(strong, smart, brooding, exciting machismo with a touch of sensitivity. He could throw me around-- in a good way.)

2- Hugh Jackman 
(charming but not sleazy, funny but not a dope, nice but not a goody-two-shoes... A perfect gentleman. And have you seen him?!)

3- Russell Crowe in Cinderella Man 
(a strong but tender family man who would do anything to fight for his family and what he knows is right)

If you had a horse, what would you name it?
Ava Gardner

What time in the past do you think you should have lived?
I think I'm alive right now for a reason, but the 40s-60s would have been pretty great.

One place you would like to visit before you die?
The Sistine Chapel

I wish I would have written that:
"If I had not existed, someone else would have written me, Hemingway, Dostoevski..."

If you HAD to BE a character from a Drew Barrymore movie, who would it be:
Josie Geller in Never Been Kissed. No. Contest.

What did you want to be when you were 10 years old:
A ballerina or a movie star.

Favorite line or scene from a movie:

Pride and Prejudice, Mr. Darcy coming through the mists in the early morning. I can't talk about it.

Or, "You are the champion of my heart." -Renee Zellweiger in Cinderella Man.  Oy.

What are your signature colors?
Something about pink just makes me sparkle inside, but I think the champagne shimmer of my hair is my true signature color.

If the talent Fairy came to your house tonight, what talent would you like her to bestow?
Singing and dancing (for musical theater... or anything really)


Girl Friday said...

Merci, merci ma cherie!

A Fabulous Nanny said...

oooo I loved it!

By the way, this is your favorite other amazon who's been facebooking you as of recent with pleas of prayers! Trying to to really give out too many hints as to who I am b/c this is a totally anonymous blog :) for obvious reasons haha!

Mr. Fallon said...

If I was a charachter in a Drew Barrymore Movie, I think I'd be the sweet but dim one from Music and Lyrics. Hi this is Mike.