Friday, February 20, 2009


Last weekend I spent my Valentine's with some true sweets indeed: my best friend Catherine, her husband Mark, and their baby who we all affectionately refer to as Bubbie. (Or Bubs, or Bubbkins, or Bubbsie...)

Spaghetti night.

I had planned to fly home Monday afternoon after my extended weekend stay, but when I found myself wretching on the floor of their bathroom Sunday night, body wracked with the effects of food poisoning, so my extended stay got a little more extended!  

Checkin' out the pedi.


We played Monopoly, watched movies, and basically just played with the baby all day.  In other words, it was heaven.

By the way, have I ever mentioned how I have the BEST best friend on the PLANET?

Because I do.  Even if she does live in Kansas City.

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Cheryl Jenson said...

What did you eat that gave you food poisoning? I love the picture of you two, can you please email me the original.