Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Friends

I've made some new friends lately. And they're incredible. Seriously, legitimately awesome. They welcomed me instantly and wholeheartedly... And they're freaking COOL! None of this weird/ tentative/ "I'm going to be nice to you and we'll talk awkwardly in public settings, and then wave from across the room the next time I see you" crap. We were basically family from day one. And I like it.

This is Daniela.

She's got a gorgeous smile and I told her the minute we met.  Which, incidentally, was on a Sunday.  By a stroke of fate, I ended up at her small group on Tuesday, and by Saturday night I was singing "Happy Birthday" at her party as she blew out her candles.  She's just that awesome.  (Oh, and did I mention she's married?!  I LOVE married people!)

Speaking of birthdays and awesome, Daniela shares a b-day with her best friend Tiffany whom I have come to love and adore. 

She's smart, beautiful, and wise with this incredibly big heart that cares deeply without a hint of mush.  In other words, a badass.

Tiffany and Daniela on their birthday trip to Disneyland.

I don't know when or where this is, but they look hot.

(Sidenote: most of these pictures are from Tiffany's rad blog. Yup. Rad. I don't even say that word.)

Next, I'd like to introduce Zoë.  She's incredible and incandescent, fun, HILARIOUS and has a big beautiful heart.  Oh, and she's six feet tall, British/ South African, gorgeous, and used to model.  No big deal.

We go on hikes and get banana pancakes and generally can't stop yammering each others' ears off.  I really, really love her.

Yup, all three amazing, Jesus-loving hotties were at the Bible study I stopped in on with a friend just a few Tuesdays ago.  

It's led by Evan:

Whom I've actually known for a little bit, and who is also, for the record, actually as tall as this picture makes him out to be: 6'7, or as he is fond of saying, 5'19.  He does a seriously awesome job.

I wish I had more pictures of the rest of the crew: Josie and Peter, Melissa and Sean...  Some incredible people are in this Bible study, and I'm so glad I know them.

Blog roundup!
And Tiffany: DailyJunkLA
... ie: my latest obsession, ie: I really love it, ie: I check it multiple times every day and have created a bookmark on my homepage because I love seeing what sassy little tidbits she posts throughout the day.  It's fine.


Anton said...

Don't turn your back on us, it's only a lull!

Girl Friday said...

Daniela's smile reminds me of your momma's! :) So fun to "meet" your new friends. :)

Daisy said...
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Daisy said...

Sorry, Jess, that was my deleted post! Was trying to edit a typo-- anyway, LOVE this blog post (especially the Jessica-style frankness at the beginning!)! Thanks for all the intros - they sound like real treasures! Great fun "meeting" your new friends!

Daisy said...

p.s. I just went back and looked at the photos, your aunt's right - Daniela's smile does remind me of your mom's!

Cheryl Jenson said...

I thought the same thing about Daniela's smile!!! I'm so glad you have wonderful old and new friends that love you as much as your really old friends ;)

Eric said...

I need to get myself in the mix.

Evan is a gigantic robot.