Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Heating Up

Wowee! A whole week has flown by! For all two of you that read this, I am so sorry! And what a week it has been…

The past seven days have been some of the hottest I’ve experienced in LA. I’ve wakened most mornings (okay, late mornings) with beads of sweat already covering my forehead while the fan I’ve strategically positioned by the open window in the kitchen blows hot (late) morning air through my apartment. As the day progresses it only gets worse, with the soft refuge of my couch turning into an overheated mass of insulation unfit for resting on, and the only comfortable place I can sit without sweating is in my bathtub filled with cool water.

I’ve managed to accomplish several tasks from the bath this week including, but not limited to: reading, text message correspondence, and surfing the internet (ahem). I’ve also become exceedingly creative at finding new ways to accomplish everyday tasks outside my hothouse apartment. Starbucks has become my new office, Target/ Safeway/ every shopping mall in LA my latest afternoon time-killer (I just walk, never buy… Okay, sometimes buy), and I’ve seen more movies in the past week than the past nine months. (For the record, Stardust and Hairspray are incredible.) Normally I deal with heat very well, but yours truly has met her match—it’s HOT out here!

It's been hot enough to-- well, you know...

However, despite the astronomical temperatures and the fact that I’ve probably sweated out half my body weight this week (which I can talk more about if you’re interested), I had a very exciting piece of progress occur. Last Thursday I was signed with an agency here in LA! My appointment was at 2:30 in the afternoon, and by 3pm I was officially represented! (I’m trying to use the phrases, “Talk to my agent,” and “I’ll have to mention it when I have lunch with my agent,” as much as possible in daily conversation.) The agency is a commercial one, so from what I understand (which is not much) I’ll be auditioning mainly for TV commercials through them. I’m so excited! I have my very first audition tomorrow for a pretty big commercial and I’m interested to see how it all goes… The chances of me booking my very first spot from my very first audition are extremely slim so I’m not expecting much, but I’m so ready to get this ball moving!

Okay, the skinny gay boy behind the counter at Starbucks is giving me the eye (What, you mean I can't just sit here and absorb your air conditioning and not buy anything?), so I better sign off. Thursday I’ll be an audience member on Deal or No Deal, so if I have any dramatic encounters with Howie Mandel, I’ll be sure and let you know. But for now it’s back out into the heat I plunge, on to sweat another day. I hear cooler weather’s on its way, but hopefully my professional life will continue to heat up! I’ll keep you posted!

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