Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Today is the last day, the thirtieth day of thirty.

Almost five weeks ago I had a dream that made me feel a wee bit guilty about all the time and devotion I had been giving to Facebook and MySpace. I started thinking about how much time I spend looking at other people's lives, and how I so often use Facebook as an excuse for spending time with people, or as a way to dull my own loneliness.  

So I decided to take a break.  A 30 day break to be exact.

You see, I'm a computer nerd at heart, and have been known to squander hours and hours gazing into my giant mac screen, wandering through the epic maze that is the internet. I've always been especially fond of sites like MySpace, and now more recently Facebook, because in the quiet of my apartment, when it's just me in these four walls, I can talk and laugh and socialize with people I know and love.  I can see pictures of what's going on in their lives, and have a place to showcase what's going on in mine-- I can even spy and read up on people I've just met and get the inside scoop in a perfectly private, non-confrontational, completely convenient way that requires absolutely no commitment or investment on my part...  Voyeurism is always just a click away.

I haven't been on Facebook or MySpace for thirty days as of today, and I'm not going to lie...  It's been hard.  I've felt disconnected, bored, and lonely without my multi-daily fix of checking in with my group of friends.  I've felt out of the loop when people talk about posted pictures, or mention an event whose invitation was circulated only on Facebook.  Especially with my busted foot, I've been logging some serious hours flat on my back on the sofa, with only the computer and TV to keep me company.  (I definitely almost cracked after a few nights of watching Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives for three hours straight... There's only so much Guy Fieri a girl can take.

But it's been good, and much-needed I think...  I've been much better about keeping my apartment (mostly) clean, got on a regular work-out schedule (which I've since tossed out the window to recoup and let my foot heal, but discipline is never a lost cause!), I've been blogging more regularly, and just generally feeling like I waste less time.

It would be untrue to say I'm not counting down the hours until I get to log back on tomorrow.  I'm so excited to read my messages and catch up on pictures from all the fun events I've been to in the last month.  I can't wait to see the baby pictures my best friend posted last week, and I've got my fingers crossed that some hot boy didn't try to contact me while I was gone.

Less than 7 hours to go...  I freaking did it.


Anton said...

When you wake up tomorrow, check out my Facebook page ASAP, there is so much we need to catch up on.

Blackberry Cinderella said...

Kudos to you! Social networks can be addicting and alienating... yes, you are communicating but at the same time neglecting house/real time real people encounters/ etc....

So, again... congrats!
Now, stop reading this and log in to facebook already! We want to know about the hot boy(s)

Mr. Fallon said...

Glad you're back.