Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Ack! I got tagged, and never responded! Better late than never... Here we go!

Ten (More) Random Things About Me:
(I'm running out of random factoids here... Yeah right. I have enough oddball qualities to fulfill a lifetime of these MeMe's.)

I really, really enjoy cereal. But I'm very particular about my cereal regimen. Generally I mix two, usually three, different kinds of health-nut cereal (some form of Kashi is always involved), add toasted pecans or walnuts or almonds, and drizzle with honey before soaking in whole milk. I used to do sweetened soymilk, but then I started reading that it's really, really bad for you... So I stopped. Sometimes if I'm feeling frisky I'll put a little dollop of cottage cheese on top as a sort of protein-rich garnish to swirl around with my GoLean. Mmm... I'm getting hungry...

I've never held hands with a boy. Or a man, for that matter. (But I've met less of those...)

I seem to be in a constant battle regarding the length of my hair. Right now it's just about shoulder length, and I'm trying to grow it out to at least past my shoulders, but there are days where I reeeeaaally just want to hack it all off and get back to this:

4. Dustin Hoffman kissed me on my twentieth birthday. I bawled like a freaking baby. ...And then he wiped my tears and gave me a hug. I mean... That's been a hard birthday to beat.

5. I'm pretty sure grocery shopping is my favorite kind of shopping. I mean, I feel like if someone were to give me an unlimited spree on Rodeo Drive that MIGHT trump my beloved trips to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, but I don't know for sure... (Anyone want to help me find out the truth?)

6. I would rather worship than do anything else. But after that, I'd rather act, then be with people I love, then bake. That is my hierarchy.

7. I wish I were surprised more.

8. I wear earplugs every. single. night. when I sleep. You know those people who need a little white noise to rest easy? I am not one of those people. I sleep best when the environment is most like a vacuum of noise and light. Perhaps like one of those ocean-bottom-dwelling fish?

Speaking of which...
9. Ocean-bottom-dwelling fish FREAK. ME. OUT. As does the deep bottom of the ocean, for that matter. I can't even watch those National Geographic shows about submarines that go down and find buried ships... *shudder* Even the last scene in Titanic was a stretch...

10. I read about 50 food blogs a day via GoogleReader. I actually probably shouldn't admit that in public.

Okay, and now the really fun part! I tag:

Mike (leave yo' answers in the comments, boo!)
and Daisy!

Aaaaaand, go!


Mr. Fallon said...

Ten Random Facts about me:

1)I am a master of accents. My most recent accent conquest was Polish. No, but like, I'm really good at accents.

2)Dora the Explorer TERRIFIES me. More than I can explain. I'll tell you the story when I move to LA.

3) Cookies have been a monumental part of my life. "Cookie" was my first word. They are responsible for my recent weight gain (I'm working on that.) Your cookies changed my life.

3) I hate graphic T's on anyone over tha age of 14.

4) The most important thing I will ever do is become a father.

5) Doubting myself out loud has become a good luck charm for me. Bizarre.

6) I really love to cry. I used to cry every day because it made me feel a kind of catharsis, but now it's lessed to about once or twice a week. Just enjoying a good cry.

7)I will not go on stage without lowlight on my cheekbones to give me more structure. I don't care if my pimples and freckles show, but I will not go on without my cheekbones.

8) I have seen every episode of every season of America's Next Top Model. Sad.

9) I'm excited to get married. Whenever it happens. I just want to be happy and get married--I'm not good at the kind of irresponsibility that is expected of most people my age.

10) I drink at least half my weight in ounces of water every day.

Mr. Fallon said...

Re: Your latest celebrity sighting

TR Knight seems like the kind of guy who I'd love to have as a friend. I don't know, he just seems really cool and quirky, and not in the annoying way.

Girl Friday said...

I concur with #7.

Pure brilliance! As always.

(and I vote for the short hair...so I can live vicariously through you in that endeavor as well as so many others....)

Food Marathon said...

Here's two more to read http://foodmarathon.blogspot.com/ and http://www.justoneplate.com